First Time Driver Drug & Alcohol Course Complete Package


The complete package includes the First Time Driver (Drug & Alcohol Course), Florida DMV Permit Exam, and the Prep Course for the permit test.  This package contains a value of $64.85; however, by electing to register for this package, you will only be paying $49.90, which produces a saving of $14.95!

First Time Driver – Drug & Alcohol Course

For more information on the First Time Driver course, please click here.

Prep Course

This Prep Course for the DMV Permit Exam will grant you the resources necessary to successfully pass the Florida DVM Permit Exam.  Unfortunately, you only have 3 opportunities to pass the Permit Exam; however, completing this prep course will significantly increase your probability of passing the permit test on your first attempt and avoiding the time, fee, and frustration of having to retake it.

Florida DMV Permit Exam

Anyone under the age of 18 is eligible to complete the Florida DMV Permit Exam online.  This written exam must be taken by those getting a Learner's Permit or Restricted License, as well as those getting a Florida Driver's License. The permit test consists of 2 sections consisting of 20 multiple choice questions each:

  • Road Signs
  • Road Rules

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