Driver Education School

Welcome to Best Price Traffic School: one of the best driver schools in the state. We are committed to making the streets of Florida safer; therefore, we begin by providing the best driver education classes to all our students. We are known for offering the best price along with the best customer service!

Why Choose Our Driver Education School?

With traffic schools a dime a dozen in Florida, the obvious question is – how do you know which is best? We can tell you about the numerous students who have taken our courses and successfully prevented points from being assessed to their license, thus maintain reduced insurance rates.  We can also tell you about those that have successfully satisfied a court or DMV requirement.

It is as simple as this: we are approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), which makes our certificate valid for Florida citations, regardless of which state your driver's license is from.  With that being said, let us tell you more about our courses:

  • Our low cost driver school is available with different features: Online Driver School, DVD and Online Classrooms (they all provide the same high quality of education).
  • We have multiple courses to choose from in order to suit any of the student's needs.
  • Our courses include the 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI)8-hour Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI), and 12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI), as well as the First Time Driver (Drug and Alcohol course).
  • We have a set of highly trained staff ready to help students make informed decisions and meet the correct requirements.
  • Our innovative online driver education courses are meant to help students take driver education classes from their home or office without having to visit a traffic school.
  • Our online courses are flexible and can be completed in one day, or can be spread out into multiple days.
  • Students can log in and out as many times as necessary at any time from any place (every time you log in, you will return to where you previously left off).
  • Upon passing the exam, students will receive a certificate of completion either by e-mail or postal mail (the exam can be taken as many times as necessary for no additional cost).

As a leading driver school in Florida, Best Price Traffic School refuses to settle for anything less than the best driver education at the BEST PRICE in the state. Come to us and experience it yourself.


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